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TMF Group launches QuickStart: to Carve-Outs in response to growing demand

19 April 2017

QuickStart: to Carve-Outs has been created to make it quicker and easier to form global, compliant and fully operational NewCos following a carve-out.

19 April 2017 – Private Equity firms, financial advisors and law firms involved in mergers and acquisitions are often focused on having to quickly finalize transactions in preparation for life after their Transactional Service Agreements (TSAs) come to an end.


The nature of a carve-out can mean that the stand-alone entity must be set up quickly and in compliance with a host of regulations that are specific to each location. What is more, during a time that is often a source of tension for stakeholders across all parties involved, it is critical that organizational logistics do not derail transaction timelines.


Today, TMF Group launches its ‘QuickStart: to Carve-Outs’ service to address these needs. Available in an initial 84 countries within which TMF Group already operates, the services are designed to make the whole process easier to manage by:

  • Creating and maintaining new corporate entities wherever necessary
  • Avoiding interruptions to the payroll process so staff continue to get paid
  • Taking care of accounting and tax requirements
  • Keeping the NewCo compliant with local regulations
  • Applying for and/or transferring licenses and registrations to new entities
  • Managing requirements across all locations related to the carve-out.

Deborah Williams, Head of Global Business Services at TMF Group, explained: “TMF Group has been involved in some of the largest and most recent Carve-Outs across the world and we find that buyers are acquiring little or no back office infrastructure, have little or no existing presence in acquired countries and are therefore unaware of the local rules and regulations of each location. They often have multiple integration partners to manage, and typically only have 6-12 months’ breathing space from a TSA which is often a source of tension. We have specifically designed QuickStart: to Carve-Outs to help make our clients’ lives a little easier during this complex process, allowing them to focus on realizing the potential of the carve-out itself.”





For further information, please contact:


Katie Scott-Kurti, Director of Communications, TMF Group


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