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TMF Group launches consultancy arm to help businesses expand and operate internationally

22 February 2018

TMF Group, a leading provider of high value business services to clients operating and investing globally, today announced the launch of a new Consultancy Solutions division. The team helps multinational corporations deal with the complexities created by expansion into new countries or growth in existing overseas locations.

Consultancy Solutions is led by Larry Harding, who recently joined TMF Group as President of the new division, and is a seasoned industry veteran with three decades of corporate consulting experience.

Mr Harding said: “TMF Group’s Consultancy Solutions will serve as the preeminent resource for headquarters-based personnel tasked with managing a global footprint, offering scalable services and practical solutions that cover everything a multinational firm requires.

“Companies are currently faced with vast disruption and vast opportunities. We have surging global economic growth, but also many factors which could trip firms up. These include sweeping changes to the United States Corporate Tax code, new regulations like Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and, as always, the rules and regulations that differ greatly from country to country. Companies need to navigate these issues – but not at the risk of diverting essential executive attention from their primary operations.  It is for this reason that Consultancy Solutions is so essential.”

TMF Group Consultancy Solutions is backed by 7,000 TMF Group staff on the ground in more than 80 jurisdictions who execute locally and think globally.

Consulting focus areas include:

  • Market Entry: Tailor-made market intelligence, best practice expansion strategies and complete local set-up with our experts on the ground.
  • Human Resources: Support with employee relations, benefits assistance and HR administration to optimize a global workforce and drive performance.
  • Global Mobility: Comprehensive guidance on understanding and minimizing the economic impact of expatriate employees, assistance adhering to visa and work permit requirements, support with shadow payrolls, and other home and host country insights to ensure a smooth assignment.
  • Tax & Compliance: Customized methodologies, best practice insights, and other helpful considerations to reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies that meet local requirements.
  • Global Governance: Assistance in assessing and gathering information related to the ever-changing global regulations that require businesses to be transparent and report in a standard manner across the countries they operate in.
  • Transactional Support: Onsite due diligence assistance, along with experienced input on key factors, impacts and timelines during the lifecycle of an M&A transaction, including the subsequent responsibilities and deliverables to support the newly acquired business, whether domestic or global.
  • Special Projects: Support in operational change management, tools and platform implementation. 


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For more information:
Damian Kerr
Director of Communications, TMF Group 


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