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IPT in the spotlight: Past, present and future

01 December 2015

The only way is up for insurance tax rates globally

November 2015’s 3.5% increase to the UK’s standard Insurance Premium Tax rate is just another example of IPT on the rise, with the insurance industry anticipating future rate hikes both in the EU and worldwide.

In their 10th anniversary briefing paper, TMF Group’s team of experts examine the IPT market in Europe and beyond over the past ten years, and consider what the next decade holds for the insurance industry.

Head of IPT and co-author of the paper, Paul Hampton said: “UK insurers (and insureds) enjoy one of the lowest IPT rates in Europe, even with the 1 November 2015 standard rate increase to 9.5%. This rise may not be the end, in Britain and beyond.

“There has been some speculation in the UK insurance industry of a possible long-term plan to bring the IPT rate in line with the VAT rate; we have already seen it happen in the Netherlands, where the IPT rate went up from 7.5% to 21% in less than a decade.

“Over the past 10 years we have seen a marked trend for EU countries to increase the taxes they levy on insurance, and there is no indication that this upward trend is abating.”

This briefing paper has been developed to mark 10 years of TMF Group’s IPT service line, which has grown exponentially since its inception in 2005. Beginning as a small team of experts covering the UK, Ireland and Germanic countries, the IPT team now consists of a much larger, multi-lingual group of experts providing IPT compliance services across the EMEA market and beyond.

With a focus on innovation and streamlining services through the use of technology, the IPT team have also developed IPT Quote, TMF Group’s market leading global insurance tax database and calculator. Our unique service offering for companies involved in the taxes associated with multi-national insurance programmes is strengthened by the global reach of TMF Group and its truly local approach.

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