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Pacific Alliance: Creating opportunities for investors

11 August 2015

In our most recent briefing paper we examine the impact of this far-reaching trade agreement and how international businesses can best harness the potential of this vibrant, growing region.

The Pacific Alliance is an initiative of political, economic and regional cooperation and integration between Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru. As a whole, this group constitutes the world’s eighth-largest economy and represents the seventh-largest exporting entity globally.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for Latin American countries with the Pacific Alliance now allowing the region to do business with much larger world economies than would have be possible individually,” explains Antonio Soler,  TMF Group’s Regional Director of Business Development.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the group represents 38% of GDP, concentrates 50% of total trade and attracts 47% of direct foreign investment that flows to the region. Also, these countries offer competitive advantages in sectors such as mining, forestry, energy, agriculture, automotive, fishing and manufacturing.

Soler concludes: “As a global business services provider helping businesses to enter and expand into new territories, TMF Group has first-hand experience of these improvements and welcomes the opportunities that the Pacific Alliance now brings in developing the region.”

Some of the topics discussed in the briefing paper are:

  • Pacific Alliance origins
  • The Alliance members
  • Potential joiners means more opportunities
  • Pacific Alliance achievements to date
  • Promising future: opportunities for investors 

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Pacific Alliance: Creating opportunities for investors

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