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The future of payroll services in Asia

09 December 2016

As payroll management in Asia evolves, local knowledge is more important than ever before.

Already, Asia is the world’s most populous continent with 4.3 billion people – accounting for 60% of the world’s population and, according to forecasts from the Asian Development Bank, could account for half of global GDP by 2050.

It is hardly surprising then, that business investment is flourishing across APAC. A wealth of opportunities lies in tapping into the region’s burgeoning consumer market, expanding middle class and better educated workforce. 

In addition, many APAC nations are embracing the free trade movement allowing the greater movement of people, products and services. Nonetheless, significant cultural, regulatory and tax
regimes add to the complexity of payroll management and workplace recruitment across the region. 

In this paper, we have collaborated with global recruitment expert Michael Page to explore many of the current issues that companies face when managing payroll delivery as well as attracting and retaining quality employees in key Asian markets.

From insights into how to attract and retain quality employees to how to stay compliant with local regulations, this paper explores the human resource and payroll trends in the region and how businesses can stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive payroll solutions.

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The future of payroll services in Asia

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