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Brazil’s eSocial – guide to company compliance

29 May 2017

Brazilian companies should now be preparing to use eSocial – the Federal Government’s digital platform to unify the sending of employer and employee data. The platform becomes compulsory for companies from January 2018.

In this briefing, TMF Brazil experts Sergio Barbosa  and Anderson Gottardi  outline the objective of eSocial, provide a timeline to company compliance, and answer some frequently asked questions including:

  • What employer and employee information do I need to update?
  • How do I work with the eSocial test platform?
  • What can go wrong with my eSocial preparation?
  • Are there any penalties if my company doesn’t comply with eSocial?

It is strongly recommended that companies seek an evaluation of their existing setup to determine what preparation is necessary, and what level of support from a business partner may be required. If you would like to talk to TMF Brazil about this evaluation, please get in touch with our expert team:


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