Insights into multi-country outsourced services trends: cee

Insight into Multi-Country Outsourced Services Trends: Poland, Romania and Hungary

The information in these reports is based on the results of a survey commissioned by TMF Group and conducted by professional research company, Gfk.

12 MAY 2017 | Premium content | 3 Reports - 15 pages

Insight into Multi-Country Outsourced Services Trends sought to identify trends in outsourcing services in the Polish, Romanian and Hungarian markets, specifically related to global companies with operations in the countries.

Findings include:


  • 53% of CFOs experience difficulties remaining compliant with Polish and internal company reporting standards
  • Finding the right talent is a critical issue for 83% of CHOs.


  • 33% of CFOs face difficulties complying with group and local authority reporting standards
  • 80% of CHOs struggle in Romania due to a talent shortage – particularly in the industry, services and trade sectors.


  • 40% of respondents outsource at least one service
  • 3% have additional support needs.

Participants included HR and Finance managers active in local and international companies, operating in Poland, Hungary and Romania. 

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