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China-UK Investment - Strategies for success in the new ‘golden age’

14 November 2018

At a time when the UK’s traditional ally, the US, is at odds with China over a growing range of issues, Chinese investment into the UK is flourishing.

The UK is attractive to Chinese companies with global ambitions.

This paper, based on research and the views of TMF Group and China-Britain Business Council experts, examines the present and future prospects of Chinese investment in the UK and what promises to be a new ‘special relationship’. Its key conclusions are:

  • The UK offers a range of investment opportunities that correspond to China’s strategic priorities. This alignment is set to drive further investment and partnerships in sectors like education, healthcare, energy, logistics and transport.
  • Uncertainties surrounding Brexit could temporarily slow investment activity, but are likely to prove positive in the longer term as leaving the European Union impels the UK to forge closer ties with strategically important bilateral partners like China.
  • Signs the UK government is adopting a more cautionary stance towards Chinese investment should be watched carefully, but there is little risk of a full-scale reversal of the UK’s ‘open for business’ stance.   
  • The generally positive environment in the UK means Chinese companies may overlook the regulatory and compliance complications of investing in the country. These include an intricate tax regime and stringent rules around employment and data protection.

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