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Chinese Investment in ASEAN

10 September 2018

Managing risks and seizing opportunities along the Belt and Road

Since it was unveiled in 2013, much of the discussion about the potential of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has focused on its scale as a whole. This is understandable given the impressive numbers associated with the initiative -– two-thirds of the world’s population; up to US$4 trn in investment; more than 2,000 infrastructure projects that promise to smooth access to relatively untapped markets in South and Central Asia and beyond.

By providing practical insights and advice for Chinese firms using BRI as a launchpad to explore the ASEAN market, it is our hope this paper contributes to the advancement of this transformative initiative. 

Download your complimentary copy now to learn more about the key conclusions, based on proprietary research and the contributions of TMF Group experts, include: 

  • ASEAN is likely to remain a major focus for Chinese investors due to its growth prospects and the region’s central position in the BRI strategy 
  • Investment will increasingly be led by high-potential sectors where Chinese firms have developed strong expertise domestically, such as energy and e-commerce
  • Tax, accounting and regulatory compliance will present challenges to Chinese investors due to disparities among and varying levels of complexity in different ASEAN markets 
  • These challenges should be addressed through a long-term approach that emphasises developing mutually beneficial relationships with local partners, governments and communities

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