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Managing the M&A lifecycle

15 November 2018

Managing the M&A lifecycle: success factors for integration is TMF Group’s new ebook designed to help guide you safely through the pain and pitfalls of the mergers and acquisitions process.

Overcoming Integration Challenges

Global merger and acquisition activity has accelerated, as corporations, private equity firms and others take advantage of buoyant stock prices, increasing consumer confidence and relatively low borrowing costs.

Acquirers are motivated by a desire to enter new lines of business, expand their customer base, obtain new technologies and extend their geographic reach. These are all springboards to growth.

Growth through M&A is a high-stakes game. Money and careers are on the line. Customers, suppliers, bankers and stockholders are watching intently. And, of course, the media always love stories about mergers gone bad. Just ask Daimler-Benz and Chrysler or AOL and Time Warner.

Help with your deal-making

Download our guide to help you with your mergers, acquisitions and carve-outs. This eleven page document, pulled together with the help of our top experts across our business, contains information on:

  • Due diligence
  • Transition services agreements
  • Minimising the depth of the J-curve
  • Optimising ongoing services

  ...and more.

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