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Uruguay´s Free Trade Zones: A tool to boost investment

Our new e-book offers a quick overview of the Free Trade Zones in Uruguay and its main features, providing basic information for those companies that wish to start operations abroad or to invest in these areas.

30 March | Premium content | 7 pages

When thinking about a new destination to operate, companies continue to choose areas such as the Free Trade Zones in Uruguay, which have high growth potential. The country has always been recognized for its strategic geographic position, and also for multiple opportunities offered to investors, such as its macroeconomic stability and solid legal framework.

Among the main incentive regimes available, there are those provided by the Free Trade Zones - business areas that drive investment, exports, employment and international economic integration and provide an ideal framework for setting up distribution centers.

In our new e-book, we go over the main characteristics and benefits of the Free Trade Zones in Uruguay.

Download the eBook: Uruguay´s Free Trade Zones: A tool to boost investment.

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