Global compliance is becoming a strategic growth tool

03 December 2019

Global Head of Compliance and Strategic Regulatory Services at TMF Group Leila Szwarc briefly discusses the changing view of global compliance within multinational businesses.

Leila provides her view on how it’s moved from being at the end of the chain, to a more central concern with a significant influence on overall business strategy. 

Read the full transcript below.


“Why do we think that compliance and governance is coming closer to the board and the strategy? It's because in the past the functions were pretty much outside of the strategy, outside of the face or of the fronting of any company. Compliance was also considered a function that was limiting the evolution of a company, that apart from costing money was also stopping some of the businesses.

And there is a changing mindset in the sense that now compliance and good governance is actually shielding companies when it comes to expanding, when it comes to sustaining the business and when it comes to defending where they are located, why they're doing what they're doing. So, it becomes a very strategic decision that comes very fast at a board level to use compliance as a tool.

The complexity that compliance brings, the complexity that good governance brings, is actually for boards that understand well, a very important and beneficial tool that is going to bring them forward in a faster way, because it's going to protect them of some of the negative impacts in the market, that if they don't have this compliance environment framework and these good governance processes and procedures they might fail or fall.”


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Headshot of Leila Szwarc

Leila Szwarc

Head of Compliance and Strategic Regulatory Services, TMF Group

Leila is a qualified lawyer and currently the Global Head of Compliance and Strategic Regulatory Services. She has over 17 years of experience in international fiduciary business, focusing on global legal and regulatory developments affecting major clients segments, from private clients to multinational companies. She heads the commercial development, implementation and execution of the Automatic Exchange of information regimes. Prior to joining TMF Group, Leila held various managerial positions within the CITCO Corporate & Trust division. She has lived in South, Central and North America, and in different countries within Europe. She is fluent in several languages and is a frequent speaker at diverse panels ranging from the International Bar Association, IBC Informa Plc, Academy and Finance, International Tax Review and others.

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