Loan Facility Agent, Security Agent Cash Manager and Note Trustee administration services

TMF Group’s independent, non-conflicted, loan and security agent; alongside Cash Management assists and compliments all parties involved in lending transactions.

TMF Group's highly experienced team is able to support all parties involved in lending transactions, on the buy, and sell side; servicing the full spectrum of the Loan asset class.

Independent administration services

TMF Group is one of the largest independent administration service providers in the world, with a global network.

We focus on providing non-conflicted, specialized financial and administrative services that allow our clients to expand their business globally in an efficient, professional and controlled environment.

TMF Group have extensive experience with complex amendments, restructuring and enforcement processes. We have acted in respect of a broad range of asset classes including plain vanilla ABS, asset finance, repacks, distressed assets, high yield bonds, project finance, securitizations and CDOs, corporate bonds and Islamic finance.

Our services include:

  • Security Trustee/Agent
  • Trustee  services
  • Full SPV/Company formation, directorships, Co Sec and Administration
  • Loan Facility Agent
  • Intercreditor Agent for all Project finance
  • Cash Management/Collateral Administration
  • Default, distressed, Non performing and complex workout administration

Loan and Facility Agent – Syndicated, Bi Lateral and Direct Lending.

Recent case law has highlighted to arrangers, borrowers and lenders the need for a truly independent and non-conflicted Loan Agent to administer their loans.

TMF Group is able to consider various successor loan facility and security agent  roles, where we can demonstrate greater flexibility due to our structure and operating model. The role of a Loan Facility Agent primarily includes:

  • Maintaining a syndicate/borrower register
  • Monitoring borrower compliance to legal documentation
  • Processing rollover and rate resets advising the lender community
  • Processing lender assignments
  • Processing drawdown and interest monies
  • Withholding Tax compliance if required/ applicable

Loan Administration and Reporting

As the loan market evolves and volume increases, particularly in the direct lending space, participants require an experienced provider to deliver control, reduce risk, and aid documentation compliance, with relevant jurisdictional experience for their loan assets. This also applies to non-performing loan portfolios which are now being sold by banks as they look to improve their balance sheets. The role of Loan Administrator primarily includes:

  • Reconciling position and cash for each loan holding
  • Cash projections and statements
  • Incorporating third party asset valuations
  • Manager, investor and regulatory deal reporting where required
  • Withholding Tax compliance if required/ applicable

Loan closing

Experience of the LMA/LSTA par and distressed loan closing process is essential for efficient trade settlement. In the capacity of loan closing, TMF Group can - in conjunction with legal input - provide the following:

  • Preparation of trade confirmation (if required) and transfer/assignment documents
  • Calculation of break funding and delayed compensation
  • Agreeing funds movement via pricing letter
  • Coordination with counterparties and facility agents

Cash Manager and Calculation Agent

TMF Group supports securitization transactions in a number of ways and one expanding area is the role of Cash Manager and Calculation Agent.

In this capacity we would interact with a Servicer and/or Asset Manager to reconcile cash flows during a collection period and calculate waterfalls/payment distributions as per the deal documentation.

The underlying assets could be in multiple forms, from traditional syndicated loans and Bonds to trade receivables, consumer/Non Performing loans and/or leases, which would be administered by a Servicer. The valuation and classification of the assets would also feed into the waterfall and define lending levels to the SPV. Elements such as these are also verified and/or calculated by TMF Group.

Leasing and Project Finance

These types of transactions often involve multiple entities and adherence to key milestones which need to be monitored and cross-referenced to the underlying facility documentation.

Given TMF Group's ability to provide Loan Agent and administration services in over 83 countries we can provide local substance and support throughout the duration of the transaction/project.

Why work with us?

Our team has expert knowledge and experience of all types of securitization and commercial lending transactions. Choosing TMF Group as your Loan Agent and administration partner means you will experience a number of advantages, including:

  • Seasoned, Market knowledgeable professionals
  • Standard and bespoke reporting
  • A commercial and efficient approach to deal documentation and KYC
  • Multiple and diverse jurisdictional capabilities to support your organization’s needs

What sets our loan agent and administration services apart?

Our team has expert knowledge and experience of all types of commercial lending legal documentation. We have implemented Misys Loan IQ, a market-leading loan administration software system which ensures low operational risk and high quality control as well as full transactional transparency; all of this is available using the standard or bespoke reporting.

We provide each client with a senior, dedicated, single point of contact; this person will be a specialist with the client-specific experience and expertise that you require.

Furthermore we are independently owned and do not face the conflicts of interest typically encountered by service providers that are connected with law firms, banks or other market parties.

Interested in our loan agent and administration services or have any questions? The please fill in our Make an enquiry form today, with details of your request and we’ll get in touch with you to provide more details.

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