SPV Management services

Adding value to your transaction and use of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) by providing administrative and management solutions.

TMF Group can manage all facets of an SPV, from financial to the corporate secretarial aspects. TMF Group has vast technical experience and excellent managerial skills.

Established management services

TMF Group is an established provider of management and administrative services provider in the Structured Finance Services arena. We offer a wide variety of specialized SPV management services and have successfully served structured finance and securitization markets across worldwide jurisdictions for many years.

Special Purpose Vehicles are formed by our clients for a variety of reasons, including risk mitigation purposes or as a tax strategy tool. As a frontrunner in the SPV field, we have in-depth knowledge of various industries and types of financing. Representative of our industry expertise includes a leading role in aviation financing, serving banks, airlines, private equity and hedge funds. We are well positioned to provide you with the necessary services to meet your SPV needs.

Flexible SPV management

Our SPV management services comprehensive, flexible and can be modified as your needs evolve. The scope of our services is tailored to meet your specifications and expectations, and normally includes:

  • SPV formation, nominal capitalization and ownership.
  • Directorship services - provision of qualified, independent, in-house directors
  • Corporate director services, where permitted
  • Company secretarial services
  • Provision of registered office
  • Provision of named company secretary
  • Maintenance of the SPV's statutory books and records
  • Board support services
  • Filing of all returns and declarations required by local law.
  • Transaction accounting, including preparation of statutory accounts/financial statements
  • Tax preparation and filing (VAT and corporate income tax)
  • Circulation of tax residency certificates, certificates of no default, etc
  • Audit coordination
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Fulfilling all other administrative obligations under the transaction documentation, including opening and managing bank accounts
  • Management of the post-transaction liquidation/winding up of company

Why work with us?

Choosing TMF Group as your SPV manager means you will leverage our strengths, including:

  • Our many years of experience in managing both simple and complex SPVs, allowing us to deliver results in a timely and cost effective way
  • Complete management of your SPV, so you work with one firm and one contact person, thus minimizing communication clutter
  • Bespoke solutions and a flexible, comprehensive management offering
  • An integrated service delivery across multiple jurisdictions with the offer of a single point of contact wherever you operate your SPVs
  • Robust processes to ensure your SPVs remain fully compliant at all times

What sets TMF Group's SPV management services apart?

What sets us apart is our ability to offer the entire management process, providing a cost effective alternative to the internal expenses related to organizing, staffing, and monitoring SPV activities. We will actively explore and seek to develop areas of potential savings for the benefit of your SPV.

Using our SPV management services offers you peace of mind and time to focus on your more strategic challenges, leaving the day-to-day management to us.

Interested in our SPV management services or have any questions? Please fill in our Make an enquiry form today, with details of your request and we’ll get in touch with you to provide more details.

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