ESMA Securitisation Regulation Services

The securitisation market is rapidly evolving, driven by ever-stringent regulations. These have increased transparency requirements leading to an increase in compliance demands and responsibilities.

The securitisation reporting process laid down in the ESMA Securitisation Regulation (2017/2402) has a significant focus on transparency. The regulation requires that European Securitisations report large volumes of data about their underlying portfolio in prescribed formats. The risk of non-disclosure breaches highlights the need for industry experts to step in.

TMF Group takes care of the reporting processes required under ESMA’s Article 7(1) ‘transparency requirements’, dealing with them efficiently while working with clients to enhance data quality. Our experts, experienced in many sectors, industries and jurisdictions, assist in collating, interpreting, reviewing and reporting the data, ensuring uniformity and consistency with the industry benchmark.

TMF Group has built strong relationships with major parties in the Collateralised Loan Obligations market. Our industry network and in-depth knowledge of the structures used enables us to reduce the administrative burden of transparency reporting.

We offer:

  • Liaison between the administrator and manager of the securitisation, collating the data from all deal parties to complete the required template
  • Assessment of whether the data provided meets the transparency criteria and is in line with the industry benchmark
  • Clarification on data which appears missing, inconsistent or unclear. There are limited guidelines on the way reporting is to be done so it is wise to keep tabs on how other parties do so
  • Carrying out of an estimated 1,000 data quality checks per template, focusing on formatting, consistency, completeness and reasonability of data

Why work with us:

  • Expertise: We have a pool of experts with comprehensive industry knowledge and experience, able to deliver services in accordance with strict European and global regulations.
  • Flexibility: TMF Group provides a broad range of accounting and reporting services to securitisation issuers and originators.
  • Single point of contact: we provide an expert to act as a single point of contact for you, and co-ordinate internally within TMF Group.
  • Network: As a significant player in the Securitisation industry, TMF Group has built strong relationships with all transaction parties to assist with seamless and efficient output on all operations.

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