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ESMA STS Securitisation services

Interim Website and Repository services under supervision of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and support with the Simple, Standardised and Transparent securitisations (STS) reporting process.

The securitisation market is rapidly evolving, driven by ever more stringent regulations. The ESMA Securitisation Regulation has increased transparency requirements leading to an increase in compliance responsibility plus risk of non-disclosure breaches. 

As a leading corporate service provider in the securitisation space TMF Group has built strong relationships with all major trustees, collateral administrators and investment managers. Our wide network in the industry and in-depth knowledge of the structures used allows us to reduce the administrative burden of STS securitisation reporting.

We do this by assisting in data-collating, as well as interpreting and reviewing the data followed by the STS reporting function. We conduct these functions in a way that supports uniformity and in line with the industry benchmark. Finally our Interim Website set up in accordance with Article 7 of the ESMA Securitisation Regulation, facilitates the secure publication of securitisation data. TMF Group will also formally apply to become a SecuritisationRepository under the supervision of ESMA.

Full suite of ESMA STS Securitisation services

TMF Group provides expert support throughout the STS Securitisation compliancy process, delivered by an experienced team of experts across all sectors and industries. This includes:

  • Assistance with the data-collating process by liaising between the administrator and manager of the securitisation, combining the data from both parties to complete the required template.
  • Assessing if the provided data meets the Simple, Transparent and Standardised securitisations criteria and whether it is in line with the industry benchmark.
  • Performing automated data-quality and consistency checks and further data clarification in the case of missing or unclear data or when the data is not in line with what other providers are reporting on.
  • Uploading and publishing the final report on our Interim Website to fulfil the Repository requirements.

Choosing TMF Group’s ESMA STS Securitisation services provides a number of advantages.

  • Expertise: We have a pool of talented staff with comprehensive industry knowledge and experience, able to deliver services in accordance with strict European and global regulations.
  • Flexibility: TMF Group provides a broad range of accounting and reporting services to securitisation issuers and originators.
  • Single point of contact: we can provide an experienced person to act as a single point of contact for you, and co-ordinate internally within TMF Group.
  • Network: As a significant player in the Securitisation industry, TMF Group has built strong relationships with all transaction parties to assist with seamless and efficient output on all operations.

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TMF Group helps its clients operate internationally and ‘belong’ wherever they are in the world. We do this by making sure they are properly set up to do business in any country and compliant with local and international regulations.

Our work includes helping companies of all sizes with business services such as HR and payroll, accounting and tax, corporate secretarial, global governance and administration services for capital markets, private equity and real estate investments.

In today’s environment, increasing business complexity means that a one size approach doesn’t fit all - and the penalties for getting it wrong are getting heavier. Operating in over 83 jurisdictions we provide our 15,000 clients with on-the-ground compliance and administration services so they can venture further. We keep things running seamlessly, giving them the peace of mind to focus on the bigger picture.

Our people localise the global world to help businesses succeed, which in turn helps communities to prosper. We firmly believe that the only way to be truly ‘global’ is to put local first, which is what our team of 7,000 in-country experts do for businesses of all sizes, every day.