Loan services

Transaction support throughout the loan lifecycle

Specialised loan services

We service bilateral, club and syndicated loans. We represent either a group of lenders on a single loan through our Loan Agency services, or lenders (including direct lenders) with portfolios of loans through our Loan Servicing proposition.

Our loan services are tailored to meet your requirements. We specialise in providing services for:

  • corporate borrowers across our footprint
  • performing and non-performing (NPL) loans
  • secured and unsecured loans, with both simple and complex, multi-jurisdictional security packages
  • leveraged loans
  • loan portfolio administration

For bi-lateral, club and syndicated loans we also provide Facility Agent, Security Agent and other related Loan Agency and administration via the Loan IQ platform. This provides comprehensive support to both simple and complex syndicated loan transactions with large syndicates of lenders.

Loan services for a wide range of loan transactions

The loan market is rapidly evolving, driven by more stringent regulations in the post-financial crisis world. The increased focus on regulation and conflicts of interest is creating a need for truly independent service providers. Providers with the expertise and infrastructure to support both simple and complex loan transactions; providing Agency services to the loan and servicing portfolios of loans, on behalf of direct lenders/loan funds.

Our services allow for effective communication between the parties involved in the financing process; from transaction structuring to final placement and distribution of the loan. We understand the capital markets, know the trends and have the specific knowledge in-house and systems to provide comprehensive services to a wide range of loan transactions.

Full suite of loan services

TMF Group provides expert support throughout the loan lifecycle, delivered by teams in all our major jurisdictions and across all sectors and industries.

This support includes:

  • documentation review and negotiation
  • know your client (KYC)
  • proactive engagement and support with deal waiver and amendment requests
  • tailored accounting and reporting solutions to track each loan within the portfolio.
  • cash reconciliation

Why work with us?

TMF Group Loan Agency services offer a number of advantages.

  • Expertise: access to a pool of talented staff with comprehensive industry knowledge and experience.
  • Flexibility: a broad range of services for lenders.
  • Single point of contact: we can provide you the client, with an experienced person to act as a single point of contact, and co-ordinate internally with TMF Group.
  • Independence: TMF Group is not tied to any financial institution, law, tax or accounting firm. Our independence guarantees that we always put the interest of our clients first.
  • Global Footprint: We have a global offering with presence in all the major financial hubs supported by an extensive footprint in over 80 countries.

What sets our loan services apart

We are able to work at every stage of the loan lifecycle across developed and developing markets. We can support both simple and complex, large syndicate transactions. The benefits of having a truly independent party are increasingly important; they’re something we’ve offered since day one. Possible conflicts of interest are eliminated, and you receive a smoother transaction across our global network.

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