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Your global partner in offering a full range of tailor-made services to enhance your global operations

Operating internationally brings complexity, risk and cost. We offer a comprehensive range of services that are critical for the private equity and infrastructure sector from a financial, legal and risk management perspective. This enables our clients to quickly expand into a new country, realize cost-efficiencies within existing global operations and improve governance and controls.

"A lot of our investments involve third party finance; these debt facilities may have specific reporting requirements, like IFRS and/or consolidation. Having TMF Group globally coordinate, prepare the consolidation and handle the audit process, we’re able to simplify our operations, cut costs and reduce risk.” Finance director at a top 20 private equity firm.

Your partner to enhance your global operations

TMF Group supports investment managers by providing bespoke back office solutions that enhance their global operations.  We also administer complex international investment structures and support portfolio companies in expanding and operating abroad.

Our vertically-integrated service delivery model means we can render fund services, sub-fund special purpose vehicle services (HoldCo, FinanceCo, LeaseCo, BidCo) and also support any underlying portfolio companies directly.

We have helped private equity firms and portfolio companies invest and expand in 80 countries. Our experience includes acquisitions, co-investment, distressed debt, capital markets, restructurings and operational transformation.

Services that allow you to focus on investment management

Our experts can support you along the private equity fund path every step of the way, from set-up to the day-to-day administration. Our key services include:

Domiciliary and management services

In addition to the provision of a registered office for every company, fund or special purpose vehicle (SPV) we administer, we help you manage your entities thanks to our independent directors, managers and legal signatories. Our domiciliary and management services make sure that local requirements are met and you stay compliant with relevant rules and regulations.

Fund services

Our experienced and dedicated team leads and coordinates all activities linked to the operation of your private equity fund, including;

  • investor on-boarding services including investor KYC/AML checks and enhanced due diligence for FATCA and CRS (see Regulatory services below for our full suite of services)
  • registrar and transfer agency services
  • generation and coordination of capital call notices and distribution notices
  • calculation of all fees including preferred return and carried interest/performance fees
  • fund accounting services and investor allocations
  • preparation of Fund level reports/financial statements and investor level capital statements
  • investor communication services and contacts maintenance
  • corporate legal and secretarial services (onshore and offshore)
  • depositary services

Accounting, reporting and consolidation services

We manage your accounting processes efficiently and provide you with timely, accurate information and analysis, whether you have a portfolio company, an intermediate SPV or a top holding entity.

Our services include:

  • statutory bookkeeping and accounting under relevant accounting standards (IFRS or local GAAP)
  • financial reporting and annual financial statements, all within set time limits and regulatory frameworks
  • consolidated reporting and financial statements

Corporate legal and secretarial services

We lead and/or coordinate the incorporation of entities with all legal and tax professional services firms and banks.

We can arrange all corporate legal and secretarial functions, including:

  • preparation of board and shareholders’ minutes and review of legal documents
  • fulfilling a company’s legal and compliance matters in accordance with local laws and regulations
  • maintaining the shareholders’ register

Tax compliance

Keeping you compliant with all local and global tax regulations is our priority, and we are on hand to offer a wide range of services including the preparation and filing of both CIT and VAT declarations.

Regulatory services

Staying compliant in an ever-evolving regulatory environment is key to your organization’s success. Our teams monitor all regulatory developments and will keep you up-to-date with changes that may affect your business. Dedicated solutions for private equity fund managers have been developed to cover your needs in terms of:

No competitor has our reach. Our global network means we can offer local expertise in 83 jurisdictions. Engaging TMF Group for support in managing complex structures across multiple jurisdictions will simplify your operations, lower your risk and help you control costs.

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