International HR projects and consulting

Our international HR projects and Consulting team provide subject matter expertise on-demand across the spectrum of international employment matters. Whether you are looking to increase local support, centralise your HR function or undertake multi-country benefits benchmarking, in-depth local intelligence and support is always a critical success factor.

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How we can help ...

Take advantage of our white papers – HR profiles by jurisdiction, illuminating specific employment landscapes.

  • Explore our comprehensive global mobility and expatriate programmes designed to help you manage your local tax and HR compliance obligations
  • Let us design, implement and maintain employee handbooks. When you are carving out a business, work alongside colleagues in TMF Group’s mergers and acquisition services
  • Get your human capital management system project off on the right footing
  • Change the terms of an employee’s contract according to local requirements with every intricate jurisdictional variation - structure analyses are a speciality
  • Use our salary benchmarking capability, tried and tested across countries, job roles and levels
  • We cover complex terminations, breaking down problems quickly into tangible, comprehensible terms and sourcing specialist lawyers where necessary
  • Processes to ensure overtime calculations are carried out for all the jurisdictions in which you operate
  • And if you want to turn training and development programmes into benefits in kind, we’ll look at the implications and process requirements there too

Where TMF Group does not have the expertise in-house, our well-connected HR consultants are well-placed to find specialists for you, covering insurance, employment law, translation, pensions and benefits and outplacement virtually anywhere your company needs to operate.

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