QuickStart: to Brexit

Meeting the global challenge of a post-Brexit world

While the ultimate Brexit outcome remains unclear, what is very clear to us – and our 7,000+ business services professionals in more than 80 jurisdictions worldwide – is the opportunity for companies to prepare. With careful planning for Brexit, companies can become more organised and agile than their competitors.

Our comprehensive ‘QuickStart: to Brexit’ services are aimed at helping businesses figure out what Brexit means for them. We can help you to continue operating as painlessly as possible, while realising your opportunities to thrive post March 29 2018.

Our support

We have three core services to help businesses navigate Brexit:

  • Pre-Brexit Readiness Assessment
  • Rapid Brexit Execution
  • Post-Brexit Guidance and Support

Our services include:

  • International entity management
  • HR and payroll
  • Accounting and tax
  • Consultancy solutions
  • Capital Market services

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