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QuickStart: to Carve-Outs

Carve-Outs made simpler

Our QuickStart: to Carve-Outs makes it quicker and easier to form global, compliant and fully operational NewCos following a carve-out.

The challenges:

Acquiring or considering a carve-out? You’ll need to make sure the carved-out company is able to operate as a stand-alone entity.

Buyers are – naturally – focused on having to quickly finalise transactions while preparing for life after their Transitional Service Agreements (TSAs) come to an end.

Here’s what we’ve learned from supporting some of the largest and most recent carve-outs:

  • Buyers are acquiring little or no back office infrastructure
  • They have little or no existing presence in acquired countries and so are unaware of local rules and regulations
  • Buyers have multiple integration partners to manage
  • They typically have 6-12 months’ breathing space from a TSA which is often expensive and a source of tension
  • Buyers are constrained by tight acquisition timelines.

The solution:

QuickStart: to Carve-Outs is designed to make the whole process easier to manage. We can help you to:

  • create and maintain new corporate entities where necessary
  • avoid interruptions to the payroll process and help your staff get paid
  • take care of your accounting and tax compliance requirements
  • help your NewCo remain compliant with local regulations
  • apply for or oversee transfer of licenses and registrations of new entities
  • manage requirements across all locations related to the carve-out.

Work with us to get a QuickStart

  • We get you legally set up and structured.
  • We help you to stay compliant, to manage your risk and to stay on the right side of regulators and filing requirements.
  • We help you to find a base - whether you need a registered address, a rented office or help managing your own premises.
  • We help you to hire the right people, get your international policies implemented and get your staff paid in compliance with local law.
  • We take care of local statutory bookkeeping, full consolidated accounts and reporting, and management reporting to local and international standards.

Extra incentives

  • Speed: With 7,000+ directly employed experts in over 83 jurisdictions, we can execute much more quickly and easily than in-house operations or sub-contractor models.
  • Technology: We are IT-agnostic, with capabilities across all the major software and ERP platforms.
  • Independence: Because we are independent, we can work with any law firm or integration partners that you choose.

Consultancy Solutions

Need additional support? Get in touch with our dedicated Consultancy Solutions team for due diligence assistance, along with experienced input on key factors, impacts and timelines during the lifecycle of an M&A transaction.

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Managing the M&A lifecycle

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