Estate and Inheritance planning services

TMF Group provides estate and inheritance planning services around the world

Whether you are considering wealth transfer through estate planning or securing the process around your inheritance, our family business wealth team is here to help.

A sound strategy for your financial plan

Estate and inheritance planning, and gifting to family members are all essential parts of your financial strategy. TMF Group’s solutions in the financial planning field allow you to protect your wealth and assets for future generations.

Our extensive worldwide network enables us to provide a full range of services in your chosen markets, while simultaneously keeping you informed of opportunities and changes in legislation, taxation and compliance regimes which may affect and/ or benefit you.

Estate planning

When strategizing how to transfer wealth within your family, estate planning is one of the major factors to consider as it is an essential element of financial planning, giving you more control, securing your privacy, and preserving your capital for future generations.

Reviewing your assets and looking at the possibilities of consolidation is part of our estate planning services. Families often have a variety of asset types, from real estate and private company shares to investable assets held with various investment managers, banks and other institutions. We can keep track of these assets, monitor their performance and maintain records.

Furthermore, as part of the estate planning process, TMF Group can set up trusts, foundations and managed companies to act as tax effective planning solutions for estate duties, capital gains tax deferral and income tax. A trust or foundation structure can also be an excellent way of safeguarding private information, preventing your business activities and income from becoming public knowledge.

Inheritance planning

We offer services which help to plan Probate and will execution, together with providing guidelines for executors and trustees. This helps remove uncertainties, making sure Probate goes smoothly.  From initial document generation, revision and collection to the transfer of assets to beneficiaries, our team is here to help.

Why work with us?

TMF Group’s estate and inheritance planning solutions offers you a number of advantages, including:

  • Global access and substantial international support
  • We work with you and your advisors, devising effective solutions for your needs
  • Dedicated staff ensure a personal and specialized service to both clients and their professional advisers
  • Innovative and continual development of financial solutions and the availability of expertise and resources to best serve clients’ interests

TMF Group’s international client base is diversified and includes family businesses, HNWIs and multi-national families. We are an independent third party which means that we are free to work with your auditors, advisors or banks without creating conflicts of interest in corporate governance or local regulatory restrictions.

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