Investment portfolio monitoring services

Track the performance of your investments with TMF Group’s Portfolio Monitoring Services.

Oversee your investments and generate insights on their performance to enable educated decision making.

Portfolio asset reporting through regular review and monitoring

Keeping track of your investment portfolio can be demanding. In particular, factors such as monthly contributions, reinvested dividends and rebalancing can make determining your investment performance cumbersome. TMF Group’s investment portfolio monitoring services offer a solution to keep track of them across geographies and assets.

Our fully-independent service provides reviews of portfolio performance, portfolio valuation and risk assessment,including in-depth reviews of how your investment strategy is being executed.We provide monthly, quarterly and bi-annual standardised reporting depending. We also provide bespoke reporting including peer group and investment manager comparisons, and more.

Our investment portfolio monitoring services help keep portfolio managers accountable for investment decisions while our experienced staff, continuously fulfils the monitoring needs.

Monthly/Quarterly/Bi-annual investment portfolio monitoring report:

  • Report on the risk, return and qualitative profile of the investments
  • Monitor the investment managers’ adherence to the Investment Policy
  • Collate data directly from the related institutions

Our comprehensive and powerful software is able to present a clear picture of your current investment portfolio to allow immediate action to protect your wealth.

Bespoke investment portfolio monitoring report

Detailed, insightful reporting covering complex investment structures and multiple portfolios with numerous assets across geographies.

Our bespoke portfolio monitoring can help determine:

  • If the investment managers and strategies you have selected are complementary
  • Whether they are achieving, and can continue to deliver, the required risk-adjusted returns fitting your needs
  • A personal peer group assessment
  • Investment managers peer group assessment

Why work with us?

TMF Group’s investment portfolio monitoring services offer you a number of advantages.

  • Clear insights into your investment portfolio across all assets and regions.
  • We work with you and your advisors, devising effective solutions for your needs
  • Dedicated staff ensure a personal and specialised service to both clients and their professional advisers
  • Innovative and continual development of our portfolio monitoring tools and the availability of expertise and resources to best serve clients’ interests
  • TMF Group’s international client base is diversified and includes family businesses, family offices, ultra-high net worth individuals and high net worth individuals, and multinational families. We are an independent third party, which means that we are able to work with your auditors, advisors, asset managers and bankers without creating conflicts of interest in corporate governance or local regulatory restrictions.

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