Succession Planning

Bespoke family succession planning services

Family businesses are unique in nature. They’re two seemingly contrasting worlds, combined into one, ideally preserved for generations. Transferring the business from one family member to another is a complex and weighty decision.

Business succession should be planned carefully by someone you trust. We have the expertise and knowledge to make you feel secure in assigning us the task of succession planning and its subsequent execution, aligned to estate and inheritance planning.

Succession planning

TMF Group’s family business wealth team can help develop your succession plan, drafting all the necessary documents, and can also administer the execution of your plans.

We take into account the tax implications of any strategy invoked, and look at the most appropriate provisions to protect the business in the long term. 

We can also take into account the option of selling the business to a third party if a suitable succession plan cannot be devised.

Taking succession planning a step further

We like to take a wider view of succession planning and align it to estate and inheritance planning. Estate and inheritance planning, and gifting to family members - like succession planning -are all essential parts of your financial strategy.

When determining how to transfer wealth within your family, estate planning is one of the major factors to consider; an essential element of financial planning so you can have more control in securing your privacy and preserving your capital for future generations.

Our inheritance planning services help to plan Probate and will execution, and provide guidelines for executors and trustees. This helps to remove uncertainties, facilitating a smooth Probate.  We’re here to help from initial document generation, revision and collection to the transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

Establishment and administration of foundations and trusts

We help our family business wealth clients with the incorporation of foundations or trusts to facilitate succession, estate and inheritance planning. But we don’t stop there - once the preferred structure is set up we make sure it runs smoothly.

We provide trustee services to manage the structure selected by our clients and also provide company secretarial services, a registered office and a named company secretary. Our services extend to taking care of the maintenance of the structure’s statutory books and records.

When it comes to legislative obligations, we’re able to take on the burden of filing all required returns and declarations. And our accounting package includes organising financial statements, tax preparation and filing plus regulatory reporting; providing you with a complete and comprehensive service. 

Why work with us?

Our family business wealth team is committed to delivering service excellence. We build long-term, trusted relationships with each of our clients.

Our family business wealth services leverage all of TMF Group’s global core capabilities.

  • Unrivalled independent global team and footprint.
  • Unrivalled multiple service offering to create unique solutions to meet the complex needs of our clients.
  • Dedicated client relationship management that facilitates a personal and specialised service, to both clients and their professional advisers.
  • Expertise of our people and freedom to innovate, so we best serve our clients’ interests.

Our client base is diversified and includes Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, entrepreneurs, asset managers, multi-national families and their private offices.

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