TMF InternationalXpense

Gain control over your company’s expenses

Technology has transformed the way we manage our expenses. Many of the manual processes that were once carried out by teams in a back office, painstakingly checking spreadsheets and receipts, are being transferred to more efficient software-based systems – letting those finance experts play a more pivotal, strategic role in ongoing operations. An effective software solution can also drive adherence to company policies – and, dare we say it, help reduce fraud.

TMF InternationalXpense is an expense management solution with a difference. We have used our global experience to create a global standard template, but one that can be tailored to your company. It is available in over 25 languages – and we can also check claims in local languages.

We offer a managed service, which means we don’t abandon you once the software is installed. And with reporting capability, it gives you visibility of all expense costs, allowing you to enforce your company expense policy, control spend and manage your suppliers effectively.

Finance benefits

  • No more paper processing and storage
  • Improved control and audit of expenses
  • Reduced business costs through enforcement of policy compliance
  • Enhanced reporting and analysis
  • Improved control of VAT recovery
  • Time freed up for value-added activities
  • Control over compliance

Employee benefits

  • Quicker reimbursement of expenses
  • Greater visibility of the reimbursement process
  • 24/7 access through a secure online portal for expense submission
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Case Studies

We have happy clients around the world, that we have helped to grow and to streamline their operations.

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TMF InternationalXpense