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East West One Group | TMF Group Case Studies

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East West One Group, the largest oil palm plantation-based interest scheme operator in Malaysia (in terms of land bank and asset under management), talks about why they see value in working with independent global trustee services provider like TMF Group.

Says Kenneth Chai Chuan Teong, Chief Corporate Officer of East West One Group: “TMF Group was appointed because they are one of the largest independent trustee services providers in Malaysia. Their independence means they are free to work with our auditors, advisors or regulatory authorities without creating conflicts or interest in corporate governance or local regulatory restrictions.”

“Working with a reputable global business services provider like TMF Group would help us to raise our profile among investors and it was exactly what we needed when we were launching our first scheme.”

“TMF Group has extensive knowledge in providing trustee services. It is easy to communicate and work with someone who understands the nature of our business and regulatory requirements of our industry, as they are well aware of our expectations.”

“If we were to expand internationally, there is a great possibility we would continue to work with TMF Group as we can tap into their vast network of offices around the world. It would provide us with an international platform that we can leverage on when we want to setup branches overseas or conduct cross-border corporate exercises.”

Read the full case study here.

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