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Elecnor | TMF Group Case Studies

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The practicality of outsourcing

Elecnor talks about how TMF Group’s services are instrumental in their foray into Australia.

Says Joseph de Pedro, Vice President, Elecnor Australia Pty Ltd “When we first came into Australia, we wanted to focus our resources towards business development and project execution."

“It was only practical for me to outsource the administration and accounting functions to a third party so that I could fully concentrate on revenue generating matters.” 

“TMF Group has certainly been an enormous help in supporting Elecnor in a new market. They helped us to eliminate the language barrier between our headquarters and us."

"I know some of my colleagues in other parts of the world are also considering TMF Group as the services provider for administrative and accounting functions in their expansion into new market.”

Read the full case study here.

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