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The emerging influence of emerging markets paper

Luxury Retail Industry insights 2013: The emerging influence of emerging markets

MAY 2014 | PUBLICATION | 10 Pages

Many attempts have been made to define luxury and whit it means to be considered luxury brand. Often the success of a brand once it achieved luxury status is to maintain its appeal and price points globally. Whether talking about Russian hight net worth individual taking to the stores in Milan or another example, consistency of the luxury in-store experience is nearly, if not as, important as the product itself. - Download the report here

Global Benchmark Complexity Index Report 2013

Global benchmark complexity index 2013: International Entity Management

21 NOVEMBER 2013 | PUBLICATION | 19 Pages

Subsidiary corporate compliance in certain jurisdictions is more challenging than in others – but which ones? This global study examines the complexity of corporate secretarial activities in 81 jurisdictions and provides an insight into why certain jurisdictions are more difficult than others. - Download the report here.

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