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M&A and Carve Outs from A to Z

16 February 2018

M&A may be essential for your growth, but it’s even more essential to make sure everything happens smoothly, as quickly as possible, with no mistakes. Download our eBook: M&A and Carve Outs from A to Z to make sure you’ve got all bases covered – from Transition Services Agreements, to understanding all your compliance responsibilities and what to look for when working with an external partner – such as ourselves.

The Merger and Acquisition or Carve Out process can move very swiftly - especially once it’s publicly announced. With everyone watching your every move, waiting to make investment decisions, it’s essential that everything happens as smoothly as possible, as quickly as possible, with no mistakes.

In TMF Group’s latest eBook: M&A and Carve Outs from A to Z, we give you the lowdown on Transition Services Agreements, outline your responsibilities when it comes to HR and payroll, structuring, regulation and compliance.

Read insights from Randy Worzala, Regional Director Business Development – Americas at TMF Group and Claudia Poernig, Managing Director of DLA Piper’s International Corporate Reorganization practice.

We address cross-border M&A implementation – what if you get it wrong, and we outline ways to make sure you don’t. 

Find out how seeking the right external compliance help with your carve-out or M&A deal could save you money, resource - and importantly, reputation.

Download the eBook – M&A and Carve Outs from A to Z.

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