Trustee services

Experienced, independent, skilled professionals who can help you manage and operate your trust.

Our trustees utilize their many years of experience in trust governance and operational excellence to manage a wide variety of trusts.

Highly qualified trustees

Our qualified trustees can help ensure your assets are preserved, protected and transferred as you intend. TMF Group is well positioned to provide trustees for a broad array of trusts to meet your current and future goals. Our Family Business Wealth team puts your interests first, making sure your wealth and assets are managed in the best possible way.

Selecting the right trustee to fit your needs is an important consideration when setting up a trust. Our trustees make sure your financial resources are optimally managed so the assets entrusted to us are eventually made available to the beneficiaries of the trust.

With a presence in 83 countries, we are able to provide a truly global service to our clients.

What we can do to help

Depending on your specific needs, our trustees can act as sole trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee.  The structures of our clients’ trusts differ widely, as do their needs. We actively listen to our clients, tailoring our service offerings to their individual requirements. We handle the legal responsibilities bestowed upon us to carry out the terms of the trust competently. We can also assist with several other duties, including:

  • Carrying out the accounting and tax responsibilities, including reporting
  • Coordination, organisation and hosting of board and other meetings
  • Preparation of board packs, minutes and other reports
  • Review of financial accounts and transactions
  • Maintenance of records

What sets our trustee services apart?

Selecting TMF Group as your trustee provider offers you a number of advantages, including:

  • Quality and experience – Our trustees are selected for their qualifications, skills and experience in trust management and they are trained to keep up to speed with the latest developments in governance.
  • Continuity – With a large pool of trustees, continuity is assured.
  • Global reach and local presence – We operate in more than 125 offices in 83 jurisdictions, covering all regions of the world.
  • Single provider – In addition to trustee services, we also provide supporting services such as accounting, tax compliance, secretarial, and reporting services.

TMF Group’s international client base is diverse and includes family offices, HNWIs and families with members spread across the world. We are an independent third party, meaning we are free to work with your auditors, advisors or banks without creating conflicts of interest in corporate governance or local regulatory restrictions.

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