The Financial Complexity Index 2018

Meeting the global challenge of local accounting and tax compliance

04 April 2018 | Premium content | 32 pages

You probably know that when operating in a diverse global market, knowing and understanding the local requirements for financial compliance could make the difference between the success or failure of your cross-border activities and investments. 

Available exclusively from TMF Group, the Financial Complexity Index looks at the world’s nations by complexity for financial compliance.  It explores the ease with which companies can deal with taxes, adhere to reporting requirements, maintain company accounts, and deal with cross-border transactions across 90+ countries.

Download your complimentary copy now to learn about:

  • 94 jurisdictions ranked according to their complexity for accounting and tax compliance.
  • The key accounting and tax compliance challenges that companies face when operating globally.
  • Why China ranked as the most complex jurisdiction in the world for accounting and tax compliance and the Cayman Islands came in as the easiest. 

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