Our people

TMF Group employs 10,000 experts in 86 jurisdictions. We have the expertise and experience to manage all our clients’ needs from our 125 offices.

We take action to improve the working lives of employees working in all our global and local teams. It is our ambition to become the employer of choice in our industry and for this purpose we have established a comprehensive long-term employee engagement plan. 

You can find out more about what it’s like to work at TMF Group in our Careers section.

TMF Group's Executive committee

Management board / executive committee

TMF Group’s management board comprises of Mark Weil, CEO, and Patrick de Graaf, CFO. The executive committee is made up of Mark, Patrick and nine senior leaders in their fields.

Along with their reports, they make up the TMF Leadership Team, a group of around 200 professionals who manage high performing teams globally.

TMF Group's Supervisory Board

Supervisory board

The supervisory board is made up of nine experts who provide an external viewpoint, enhancing TMF Group’s robust governance procedures and operational matters in an advisory capacity.

Members include representatives from investors (CVC and ADIA) and three highly experienced, independent non-executive directors.