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Services for: Accounting, Corporate Secretarial, HR and Payroll and Tax Compliance

Provided in: Colombia, France, India, Malaysia and Poland

GMV | TMF Group Case Studies

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The value of having a global partner

GMV outlines exactly why TMF Group’s services have been an asset to them as they expand. 

GMV is a privately owned technological business group with an international presence. Founded in 1984, GMV offers its solutions, services and products in very diverse sectors: aeronautics, banking and finances, space, defence, health, security, transportation, telecommunications, and IT for public administration and large corporations.

Says Javier Martínez Cendejas, CFO of GMV: “When I have to open a plantation in another country I need someone to lend a hand in all the processing; someone who has the knowledge of how things have to be done in that particular country in order for us to decide what type of corporation is needed, what deadlines should be put on targets, what the legal requirements are and to generally give a hand in the formation process.

"Having that option to get on the phone to the relevant people on the ground, especially if there is a problem or an issue we are facing, is a real highlight. The dedication and the attitude of the people at TMF Group make them a fantastic partner. For me, TMF Group is a perfect solution.”

Read the full case study here >

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