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Trident Seafoods

North America’s largest seafood company gets back-office help in Brazil.

Trident Seafoods partners with TMF Group for expert help in payroll, accounting and tax.

Services for: HR, payroll, accounting and tax

Provided in: Brazil

Trident Seafoods has operations around the world and every time it enters a new market it tends to partner with local professionals who can help it negotiate local rules and regulations.

Having been recommended TMF Group, Trident Seafoods did its own research and conducted a supplier interview. It became clear that TMF Group was a good match for Trident, as it could meet the required Brazilian accounting rules, and deliver the HR, payroll and tax compliance services the company needed.

Trident Seafoods engaged TMF Group to provide not only the basic accounting and reporting it needed in Brazil but, more importantly, all the tax compliance and payroll help it needed – all the elements required when running a business in a new jurisdiction.

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