Tax Compliance Transformation: Risks and Strategies for Global Management

30 November 2022
 -  Online

The global tax landscape is changing rapidly in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and to increase the tax equity among countries. The global tax landscape tries to balance the local complexities with the global initiatives of simplifying and unifying the tax rules. The outcome is more challenges for businesses and tax experts who need to embed these trends in their daily operations.

Considering the global tax complexities, there is more pressure on the tax function to implement the right level of controls, to provide global transparency and to properly manage the cross-border tax risks. As tax laws and accounting regulations evolve, the tax function is challenged to re-design the way in which data is collected, analysed and reviewed and to ensure that proper governance is in place, with the right level of approvals and the right risk mitigation plans.

Join TMF-Group and Everest Group for an in-depth discussion about Global Tax Compliance and what choices CFO’s are faced with in the process of Finance Transformation. The webinar will focus on the so-called 3 T’s: Tax, Transformation, Today; and will provide valuable insight into the Tax Transformation Process.

Download our Research Report here: Tax Compliance Transformation: Risks and Strategies for Global Management for more details.


TMF Group:

Headshot of Pavlo Boyko

Pavlo Boyko
Solution architect, TMF Group

A senior professional with 20 years’ experience in finance and tax process outsourcing, Pavlo has worked with many international organisations to streamline their finance functions. He is now helping TMF Group’s global clients with tax transformation as a global solution architect. Pavlo holds a bachelor’s degree in both economics and law, and an executive global MBA from IE Business School. He is passionate about innovation and customer experience.

Headshot of Csaba Farkas

Csaba Farkas
Head of accounting and tax consultancy, TMF Group

Csaba joined TMF Group in March 2021, as the head of accounting and tax consultancy. He is an ACCA-qualified professional with several years of experience at professional services organisations in Budapest and London. Csaba has a strong technical accounting background and, having worked as an interim financial controller in multiple engagements, has significant experience in implementing new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in finance functions and in optimising finance processes.

Everest Group:

Headshot of Vignesh Kannan

Vignesh Kannan
Practice Director, Business Process Services, Everest Group

Vignesh leads research and advisory programs focused on Finance & Accounting, procurement & supply chain, and contingent workforce management. He assists service providers and technology vendors on topics such as go-to-market strategy, product strategy, and future investments areas. He also works with enterprises and their retained organizations / captives to help progress their services maturity. He has authored multiple viewpoints on emerging themes including blockchain, automation, finance transformation, and importance of digital orchestration.

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Tax Compliance Transformation: Risks and Strategies for Global Management