Executing the European Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) with TMF Group

TMF Group offer services to its clients which include the processing of personal data subject to the GDPR. To ensure an adequate protection of such personal data when transferred from the EU/EEA to a country without an adequacy decision from the European Commission (“third countries”), TMF Group and its clients are required to implement an adequate transfer mechanism as required under the GDPR. TMF Group and its clients can enter into the Standard Contractual Clauses adopted following the European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/914 of 4 June 2021, to adequately transfer personal data to third countries.

How to execute the SCCs

  1. To duly execute the pre-signed SCCs, you should:
  2. Download the pre-signed SCCs from the link below.
  3. Complete all the required sections which have been highlighted. Please note that there are required fields in the annexes and multiple signature blocks.

Email the completed and signed SCCs to the relevant contact person indicated in the Service Agreement. Please indicate your organization’s name in the email subject line.

Once dully executed by you and returned to us, the SCCs will apply to any data transfers required under the relevant service agreement in place between the corresponding legal entities included in the service agreement and the SCCs.

In line with the European Commission guidance, modification of the clauses of the SCCs, is not permitted and such SCCs are not a valid transfer mechanism. This does not preclude the parties from adding clauses on business related matters where required, unless such additions are contradicting with the clauses of the SCCs itself.

The legal entity details (for data importer or data exporter) included in the SCCs as a contracting party should be the same legal entity details as included in the related service agreement with TMF Group. Otherwise, the SCCs will not apply to the relevant service agreement and you will still be required to implement an adequate transfer mechanism for that agreement.

If you have any questions or would require the SCCs to be duly executed by including the wet signatures, please contact your TMF Group (local) representative.

SCCs Pre-Signed Document

A copy of TMF Group’s pre-signed SCCs is available to download and counter-sign below.

Download here