Why Cyprus?

With a recovering economy, legal framework based on the British common law system and prime geographic position, Cyprus is proving a safe haven in the midst of a turbulent - but also one of the most dynamic - regions of the world. Nestled in the heart of the busy trade routes linking Western Europe with the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, this multilingual, bustling business centre has the most favourable tax system in the European Union.

Cyprus has a corporate tax rate of only 12.5% and is aligned with EU laws and regulations, including EU Directives, which aim to enable cross border investment and reduce withholding taxes. Cyprus also concluded double taxation agreements with more than 50 countries. Corporate structures involving Cypriot legal entities are still widely being used and provide clear advantages for both multinationals and private individuals.

Our core areas of expertise

TMF Group has been operating in Cyprus since 2008. Our team of professionals include lawyers admitted as members of the Cyprus Bar Association, ACCA-qualified accountants and members of the local fiduciary, accountancy and tax bodies. TMF Group operates under an ASP license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

TMF Group in Cyprus is also an active member of the Cyprus Fiduciary Association.

TMF Group Cyprus serves over 100 multinational companies that are active in real estate, construction, banking, oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications and private equity. TMF Group Cyprus provides a full range of corporate management services to help maximise efficiency and productivity.

We make sure to preserve and protect the good legal standing of your Cyprus companies. But you will also benefit from TMF Group's global network and strong local market knowledge. The Cyprus team can provide tailor-made solutions to meet all your business requirements.

TMF Group Cyprus is proficient in all legislation relating to the Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF). Companies registered as a licenced CIF boast a variety of benefits including an EU passport, attractive tax environment and competitive operating costs. By registering as a licenced CIF, a company would be able to provide a host of services not available to non-licenced companies. We can help you set up your company and assist with administration, HR & Payroll, Corporate Secretarial, Accounting and much more.

Our full range of services include:

  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Domiciliation and management of companies
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting and Tax
  • Tax filing and compliance
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Banking services
  • Office space

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