Finland – a natural gateway of commerce

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Why Finland?

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Russia and the Baltic States, Finland capitalises on its unique position as a natural gateway of commerce. In recent years, the number of Russian companies choosing to establish operations in their stable and transparent Nordic neighbour has increased, while international investors see Finland as a safe springboard into the often challenging Russian market. Meanwhile, more than a third of overland shipments from the EU to Russia travel via Finland. As well as all of this, Finland’s reputation as an innovative hub for technology, research and development makes it an attractive destination for business investment.

Our core areas of expertise

TMF Group in Finland has a strong international team of specialists in accounting, legal, tax compliance, corporate secretarial, HR and payroll. Established in 2006, our Helsinki office provides a full range of services to help you reduce risks, be compliant, simplify your operations and control your costs more effectively.

We have unprecedented knowledge and experience in guiding foreign investors entering the Finnish market. With a diverse portfolio – ranging from real estate, financial services and investment funds to software, technology, retail and pharmaceutical – our local experts understand and keep up-to-date with the complexities of local and international rules and regulations to ensure you stay compliant.
We can get you set up, provide a single point of contact and take care of those non-core elements that keep your business moving, while you focus on what you do best: selling your products and services. By taking the burden of the back office and centralising it through a single provider, we work with you to increase efficiency and help strip out any unnecessary costs.

Our full range of services include:

  • Accounting and Tax services: We take care of local statutory bookkeeping, full consolidated accounts and management reporting to relevant local and international standards. We also help you manage your tax and reporting obligations.
  • Global Entity Management services: We provide support at every stage of your business lifecycle. Our multi-disciplinary expertise - in corporate secretarial, regulatory compliance, fiduciary services and more - is your outsourced answer to managing and maintaining entities across borders.
  • HR and Payroll services: We help you to apply and implement international policies in employment contracts and handbooks, and pay your staff in compliance with local law.

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