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As a member of the European Union and a hub for business from European and North African countries, Malta is regarded among the best performing Eurozone economies; with flexibility, innovation and competitiveness.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean - virtually midway between Europe and North Africa - this multilingual, bustling business centre has one of the most favourable tax systems in the EU.

Despite a corporate tax of 35%, non-resident shareholders may qualify for tax refunds which result in an effective tax rate of 5% (post refund). Malta’s laws and regulations are aligned with those of the EU including EU Directives, which aim to reduce foreign withholding taxes. Malta is also party to over 65 double taxation agreements. Corporate structures involving Maltese companies are increasingly influencing international tax planning, and provide clear advantages for both business entities and foreign private individuals.

Doing business in Malta made easy by TMF Group

TMF Group has been operating in Malta for a decade. Our specialist team includes admitted members of the Chamber of Advocates (the Bar Association of Malta), ACCA-qualified professionals and members of the local fiduciary, accountancy and tax bodies. TMF Malta is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

TMF Malta serves over 100 multinational companies that act in fields including real estate, construction, banking, oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications and private equity. TMF Group Malta provides a full range of corporate management services to help maximise efficiency and productivity.

The greatest value our experts can deliver to you is assistance in the protection and growth of your investments. You will benefit from TMF Group’s global network and strong local market knowledge. The Malta team can provide tailor-made solutions to meet all your business requirements.

A strong but flexible regulatory framework, tailored income tax neutrality provisions, statutory bankruptcy remoteness and a network of more than 65 double tax treaties have bolstered Malta’s reputation as an international transactional solution.. We can help you set up your company and assist with administration, HR and Payroll, Corporate Secretarial, Accounting and more. For more information about TMF Malta’s services, please follow the link below: 

Malta Trusts

Our services include:

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