Citizenship Application Services in Malta

Benefits of dual citizenship

Individuals with dual citizenship receive the benefits and privileges offered by each country, including social service systems, voting rights, permission to work and ease of travel. With a second passport you increase your options to control your life and your assets.

Protecting your life

A second passport in times of uncertainty like war can be your only option to escape from great tragedy.

Protecting your assets

The proliferation of tax systems whereby national tax administrations obtain the right to tax citizens for their worldwide income (eg. deoffshorisation in Russia and FATCA in the US) is creating a surge in the number of applications for dual citizenship.

Malta offers residency and ultimately, citizenship, for a minimum investment amount of €150,000 in bonds or shares and €350,000 in real estate, in addition to a donation of €650,000 to the Maltese government. Fast track residence cards are issued within one to three weeks, with Schengen mobility for 18 months, and citizenship is approved after a processing time of four months. A passport is issued after a processing period of 12 months from the date of initial residency.

How TMF Group can help?

TMF Malta can support applicants in completing their paperwork for Maltese citizenship. We guide and assist you through the process of collection, collation and preparation of the necessary supporting documentation. We also act as your central point of contact with Identity Malta and as their central point of liaison in the country. In most instances, we will also be available to assist applicants with their residential and other needs in Malta, by connecting them with the relevant local professionals.

Associated fees are calculated on a case by case basis, and take into account the number of dependents included with the main application, and the complexity of the due diligence process. TMF Malta is able to provide a fee proposal once a full assessment of your case is carried out. We are available to discuss proposals with introducers in order to ensure that fees quoted are reasonable in view of the circumstances of the case, and the type of service we are engaged to provide.

For further information, please refer to the Citizenship Application Services documentor contact our local office.

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