Corporate Secretarial Services in Malta

The governing legislation for Corporate Secretarial services in Malta is the Company Service Providers Act, which provides a statutory basis for the registration of persons who provide company services. The Companies Act supports the establishment of the following company categories:

  • Private and public limited liability companies
  • Partnerships en nom collectif and Partnerships en commandite - general and limited partnerships
  • Single Member Company
  • Branches of foreign companies

If you require our Corporate Secretarial services in order to set up or administer a company, our professional team can assist you.

Our qualified staff can act as a corporate secretary for your company. We prepare and hold general meetings and make subsequent reports to the Registrar of Companies when required. We arrange all necessary documentation for company decision making processes and submit any reports to the Registrar of Companies. We can keep your corporate file and registers in proper and required order if desired.

Management and Domiciliation

We provide a registered address in Malta for our clients and their companies. Companies are required, by law, to house all corporate records and documents at the registered office, this ensures our companies have a reputable domicile for the receipt and handling of all formal company correspondence. We also offer mail processing services for this purpose.

We offer directorship services, where TMF Management and Administrative Services (Malta) Limited can be appointed as a corporate director or a person from the professional team of TMF Malta may act as personal director of your company.

Re-domiciliation is the transfer of a company’s “seat of incorporation” into or out of the jurisdiction. Malta is one such jurisdiction which allows re-domiciliation into and out of Malta, through the Continuation of Companies Regulations, S.L. 386.05. In order for a company to be re-domiciled into Malta, the law of the foreign jurisdiction under which the company is registered must allow for the company to be re-domiciled. Furthermore, the company’s charter, statutes, memorandum and articles or any such other constitutive document must specifically state that the company is able to be re-domiciled to Malta. TMF Malta provides a wide range of services relating to domiciling and managing companies locally.

The reasons for re-domiciliation into Malta are extensive, they include:

  • Potentially an effective corporate tax rate of 5% - the lowest in Europe
  • Tax-exempt dividend income
  • No withholding taxes on payments of dividends and interest
  • No taxation on the liquidation of a Maltese company
  • Extensive tax treaty network

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