Meet the Netherlands team

Meet the team

We aim to build trusted, long-term relationships with our corporate clients and their advisors; experience, expertise, integrity, discipline and prudence underpin our success.

Our knowledge, skills, experience and dedication to excellence provide clients with the comfort that they are partnering with a global leader in quality and service.

Wolbert Kamphuijs - Head of Relationship Management
Wolbert Kamphuijs - Head of Client ServicesWith a trust background spanning more than 20 years, Wolbert is Head of Client Services at TMF Netherlands B.V., leading a team of directors responsible for client servicing in the Netherlands. Before the merger between TMF Group and Equity Trust entities in 2011, Wolbert was head of the legal department at Equity Trust’s Amsterdam office. As a deputy managing director, he was also a member of the management board. He holds a Dutch Law (LL.M) degree and is a native Dutch speaker, fluent in English.

Erik Reijnierse - Senior Director Relationship Management
Erik Reijnierse - Director Client ServicesWith extensive banking experience in the corporate and financial industries, Erik has been working as TMF Netherlands’ Director Client Services since January 2015. He is responsible for a large number of client relationships, serviced by a team of 32 legal and accounting professionals. The clients serviced by his unit are from a wide range of jurisdictions and sectors including real estate, oil and gas, and trade and financial institutions, and he personally has a special focus on the Turkish market. Prior to joining TMF Group, Erik spent 17 years working for Citigroup in a variety of roles, including client sales and relationship manager. Erik holds a Master of Business Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is a Dutch native speaker, fluent in English.

Timo van Rijn - Senior Director Relationship Management
Timo van Rijn - Director Client ServicesTimo has held the role of Director Client Services since 2011 and currently heads a team of legal and accounting officers and account assistants, with, amongst other areas, a focus on the CIS region. He first joined TMF Group in 1998 as an account manager of a diversified client portfolio with clients in complex international structures, and has held various roles since, including being appointed as Managing Director in 2006, jointly responsible for TMF Group’s Dutch operations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Over the years, Timo has acted as both Managing Director and Supervisory Director of client companies, active in various business sectors, such as finance, real estate, retail and aircraft manufacturing and leasing. Timo holds a Master of Dutch Law from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is a native Dutch speaker, fluent in English.

Ilaria De Lucia - Director Client Services
Ilaria De Lucia - Director Client ServicesWith extensive experience in the corporate and financial services industries, Ilaria joined TMF Group in 2002 and currently holds the position of Director Client Services. Since 2011, Ilaria has been responsible for a business unit of 40 legal and accounting professionals. They render mainly international corporate structuring services to clients operating in Southern Europe and Latin America, with a focus on the energy, telecom and transport industries. Before joining TMF Group, Ilaria worked for the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade in Amsterdam. Ilaria graduated cum laude in Corporate Law from the University LUISS Guido Carli – Libera Universita’Internazionale degli Studi Sociali in Rome. She is fluent in Italian, English and Dutch and has a basic knowledge of French.

Arend Doppenberg - Director Client Services
Arend Doppenberg - Director Client Services

Arend joined TMF Group in February 2015 as Director of Client Services, having worked as a certified auditor at one of the big four accounting firms for 17 years. Within his current role, Arend is responsible for a team that renders international corporate structuring services to clients which are mainly located in the USA, and to organisations that are active in the oil and gas, real estate and nutrition industries. Arend has extensive experience with auditing and drafting financial statements (under IFRS and Dutch law) and the application of tax regulations such as VAT and income tax. He holds a Master of Business Economics from the Nyenrode University Breukelen, and is a Dutch native speaker, fluent in English.

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