Sustainable international business in the Netherlands

For companies operating in the Netherlands and across multiple jurisdictions, it’s essential to keep up with changing regulatory requirements and take the necessary steps to stay fully compliant.
TMF Group helps international companies comply with ever-changing local and international regulations.  Our full suite of services mitigate the growing financial and reputational risks that challenge multinationals operating in the Netherlands, while offering a sustainable economic springboard to international markets.

Increasing tax regulations

The European (and specifically the Dutch) tax landscape has experienced many changes over the past few years. Greater transparency and more substance are the main pillars of these changes, which will become mainstream in Europe and beyond. The Dutch are among the frontrunners in Europe, and we are assisting companies with entities in the Netherlands to adapt to the changing regulations.

To assess the current state of your Dutch structures we can perform a ‘Substance Compliance Health Check’. On top of this our consultancy team is on call to, for example, help you determine the most appropriate actions you need to take for your business to comply with the new and changing regulation.

There are essentially four routes that international companies with a Dutch subsidiary may choose to take:

  1. Comply
    Your Dutch operations need to contribute to the economic environment in the Netherlands and thus will need to have people on the payroll who are working from a location in the Netherlands. We can help you realize all operational elements such as a (compliance/ operational) director, an office, supplemented with ongoing accounting and corporate secretarial services.
  2. Comply and expand
    On top of what we offer under COMPLY we can also assist with HR and payroll services, global staff mobility, recruitment and contracting.
  3. Relocate
    When the decision is made to leave the Netherlands and move to another country, we can help you to select the most appropriate country, liquidate your structures in the Netherlands and incorporate in your destination country.
  4. Unwind
    When the decision is made to unwind your Dutch operations altogether, we can assist with liquidating your structures.

For companies looking to set up operations in the Netherlands, the ‘comply’ routes are the two clear options to consider.

Services to support you in each scenario

We have developed a set of services to support you in each of the scenarios presented above. Our services support creating a sustainable business, support your operational entity with our business services, or help transfer activity to other jurisdictions.

Substance compliance health check
We help you to assess your local economic substance.

Substance is the degree to which your organisation has operational activity in a country. The more local reporting, infrastructure, transactions and legal presence a company has, the greater its economic substance.

If your company’s substance levels do not meet a country’s required standards, you could face penalties, including loss of tax treaty benefits or the denial of local tax residency.

The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners in putting substance requirements in place. With our substance compliance health check, we can assess your current substance and identify the next steps you need to take to remain compliant.

  • Consultancy solutions
    Discuss your options with us.

    Over the years we’ve helped thousands of clients deal with the challenges of launching, expanding, managing, and winding down their international entities and operations. We offer highly-flexible consultancy solutions to best meet your needs. Our consultants stand ready and on-call to help solve your challenges, in every country where you operate, as you focus on managing your global footprint.

  • Office services
    Convenient, flexible and turnkey office solutions.

    One of the substance requirements for Dutch entities is the obligation to have office space in the Netherlands. Companies need to show that they have a minimum, two-year lease in place.

    We can provide turnkey, working offices ranging in size from 20m2 up to 100m2 (or larger), depending on your specific needs.

    Located in and around Amsterdam, our offices are furnished and include conference room facilities, a staffed reception area and kitchen facilities. We can also provide on-site IT support, secretarial administration support, access to copiers/fax machines, parking space(s) and large-scale storage space (on request).

  • Directorship services
    Experienced, independent, skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

    Selected for their qualifications, skills and experience in global compliance, our appointed directors and officers can add years of experience in corporate governance and operational excellence to the boards of your subsidiaries.

    We actively invest in continuous training for our staff, so that they keep up with the latest developments in corporate governance. With a large pool of directors and officers available, we can take care of continuity-of-service delivery.

    Contracting one of our compliance or operational directors will boost the performance and compliance of your entity.

  • HR and payroll services
    From recruiting staff to handling the payroll in compliance with local regulations.

    As you recruit your Dutch workforce, we can help you through each step of the process - from recruitment, selection and employment to handling payroll in compliance with Dutch HR rules and regulations.

  • Global mobility services
    Mobility and relocation services on a truly global scale.

    We optimise mobility management for internationally-operating employers by providing expert knowledge of international posting processes, relocation management and consultation on fiscal, social security and immigration law.

    We do this by using the knowledge of our internal global mobility managers as well as our large global network of partners. TMF Group is one of the few providers capable of offering a combination of several mobility and relocation services on a truly global scale.

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With our Substance compliance health check, we can assess your current substance and identify the next steps you need to take.


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