Corporate secretarial services in Poland

TMF Group's global Corporate Secretarial services help you to deal with multi-jurisdictional corporate governance changes, company name changes (often needed after acquisitions), provision of registered offices, and incorporations or liquidations across multiple jurisdictions. We help to keep you compliant, manage your regulatory risk and provide transparency (both in-country and across borders), in turn helping you to focus on your global ambitions.

Our Polish offices can provide you with the following corporate secretarial services:

General meetings documentation: In accordance with local legislation and your internal rules, we can call and organise annual shareholders, board of directors and advisory committee meetings, plus prepare all necessary documents (e.g. power of attorney invitations and minutes of the general meeting), and complete other necessary steps (e.g. we ensure the presence of a notary if necessary, or an updated list of shareholders).

Annual filing: We can prepare the management board activity report, the annual report (applicable only when a statutory audit is required), the sole shareholder's resolution approving the financial statement or the one appointing the auditor (if applicable) and the petition to the court on filing of the financial statement with the collection of deeds of the commercial register. We can, of course, also take care of the actual filing of the documents.

Help you ensure your statutory books are in order: Our services include maintaining the corporate records of the company,  arranging the resolution approving  annual accounts, if required, and the National Court Register forms; filing of the annual accounts with the local National Court Register and checking and filing of routine correspondence and, if required, forwarding copies thereof.

Assist during company liquidation: We assist you with preparation the documents connected to and attending the shareholders meeting (in case of sp. z o.o. - in front of notary) and adopting the resolution on opening the liquidation and appointing a liquidator as well as preparing of required forms and gathering all the necessary documents in order to register opening of liquidation in the National Court Register. We will be monitoring all activities  during the process of liquidation and when the time we will take care of closing the liquidation and striking the company out from Polish authorities.

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