Corporate secretarial services in Qatar

Our Qatar team are specialists in an extensive range of corporate secretarial services and can assist you to meet corporate governance requirements and local compliance laws. We provide incorporation and directorship services and assist organisations with coordination of annual company license renewal and coordination of their annual general meeting (AGM). For multinationals, we can help with international entity management as well as acting as the process agent.

Our Services

Incorporation Services

  • Make an assessment of the most suitable jurisdiction (licensing, registration, rent, visa, application costs, etc.)
  • Visit the selected jurisdiction to discuss office space options, procedures, time lines, etc.
  • Draft necessary establishment documentation. (Memorandum of Association, Power of Attorney, Board Resolution, business introductory forms, applications, etc.)
  • Obtain pre-approval from authorities for all documents
  • Legislation of establishment documentation at relevant Ministries in Qatar
  • Obtain relevant legal translation if required
  • Support you to obtain relevant documentation in regards to the office lease agreement
  • Make all relevant payments to lease department, licensing and registration department and labour department
  • Submit all relevant documentation and follow up with the authorities
  • Obtain company license
  • Register the newly-established company with the labour department
  • Register the company with online portals for visa, licensing and other administrative purposes

Annual Compliance Services

We will provide support in the preparation, administration and coordination of the following:

Coordination of annual company registration and license renewals:

We can:

  • Collect the license renewal documents for office space
  • Organise the required insurance certificates with you and your insurance companies
  • Submit the required documentation and authority fee payment
  • Submit the audited financial statement
  • Renew the applicable company licenses and certificates
  • Conduct correspondence and meetings with the authority
  • Conduct correspondence with you

Coordination of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Preparation of AGM

  • Advise director and agree on AGM setup
  • Notify and coordinate with all shareholders of AGM
  • Coordinate with auditor

AGM Event

  • Draft standard minutes
  • Draft shareholder resolution
  • Participate in AGM
  • Coordinate with directors and shareholders to obtain the necessary signatures
  • Finalise minutes and shareholder resolution
  • File minutes and audited accounts with the authority

De-registration of a Non-Regulated Entity

  • Correspond with and meet the authority
  • Correspond with you
  • Submit the required documentation and authority fee payment
  • Support you to obtain cancellation documents and a NOC
  • Act as your legal representative to the authorities

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