Resilient Spain a leading destination for FDI

Why Spain?

“Resilient” best describes the fifth-largest country in the European Union (by population), with the OECD forecasting robust growth over the next two years.

Following its entry into the European Union (then EEC) in 1986 and the adoption of the euro in 1999, Spain became one of the world’s leading destinations for foreign direct investment.

The country has a strong and diverse manufacturing sector and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

To promote investment, employment, competitiveness and economic growth, Spain has developed a substantial system of support and incentives from which investors can benefit. Special focus is given to developing stable employment, research and development, and technological innovation, while its clout remains in the manufacturing, agricultural, service and tourism sectors.

The country is experiencing a fast resurgence on the back of solid economic forecasts and relationships forged through its EU and NATO membership.

Foreign investors are drawn to Spain not only for its strong domestic market - which boasts considerable purchasing power - but also for the possibility of operating in third-country markets using Spain as a base. This is due to its privileged geostrategic position as a member of the European Union (EU) and as a gateway to Latin America.

In order to encourage foreign investment, the government brought in a new 'Entrepreneur's Act' in 2013, which means non-EU investors can receive residency visas if they invest €500m or more in Spanish real estate. Some foreign investors have already taken advantage of this offer and it is predicted that hundreds more will follow suit over the next few years. In addition, Spain has approved several tax and legal measures to boost the real estate market.

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