Corporate secretarial services in UAE

Our UAE team are experts in a wide range of corporate secretarial services to help keep you keep on top of your corporate governance. We provide incorporation and directorship services,and help big and small businesses with coordination of annual company license renewal and coordination of annual general meeting (AGM). For multinationals, we can help you with international entity management, and act as a process agent.

Incorporation services

We can:

  • Perform a cost comparison of two to three free zones (licensing, registration, rent, visa, application costs, etc.)
  • Visit the selected free zone to discuss office space options, procedures, time lines, etc.
  • Gather information about the detailed administrative steps and guidance in establishing the entity; we’ll do this in close cooperation with the respective authority
  • Take care of company name registration and pre-approvals
  • Draft the necessary establishment documentation (Memorandum of Association, Power of Attorney, Board Resolution, Business introductory forms, applications, etc.)
  • Obtain pre-approval from authorities for all documents
  • When necessary, coordinate with other TMF Group offices to arrange related legal documents
  • Legalise establishment documentation at relevant Ministries in the UAE
  • Obtain relevant legal translation if required
  • Support you to obtain relevant documentation in regards to the office lease agreement
  • Make all relevant payments to lease department, licensing and registration department and labor department
  • Submit all relevant documentation and follow up with the authorities
  • Obtain company license
  • Register the newly-established company with the labour department
  • Register the company with online portals for visa, licensing and other administrative purposes
  • Support you to complete a comprehensive business plan tailored to requirements from authorities, as some free zones (Tecom, Dafza, JLT, DIFC) require this
  • Endorse a local service agent or sponsor, which is mandatory for onshore incorporation
  • Open a UAE bank account for you during the establishment process so you can pay in the share capital

Directorship services

We provide management services by providing an individual who acts as a nominee manager, director, company representative and the company secretary. This person will conduct the business of your company only with your prior approval and/or instruction.

Coordination of annual company license renewal

We can:

  • Collect the license renewal documents for office space
  • Organise the required insurance certificates with you and your insurance companies
  • Submit the required documentation and authority fee payment
  • Submit the audited financial statement
  • Renew the applicable company licenses and certificates
  • Conduct correspondence and meetings with the authority
  • Conduct correspondence with you

Coordination of annual general meeting (AGM)

While this is not applicable for a branch or representative office, we can help out with the AGM.

Preparation of AGM:

  • inform and agree with director to set up AGM
  • notification and coordination with all shareholders of AGM
  • coordination with auditor

AGM Event:

  • Draft of standard minutes
  • Draft of shareholder resolution
  • Participation in AGM
  • Coordination with directors and shareholders for the signatures
  • Finalise minutes and shareholder resolution
  • Filing minutes and audited accounts with the authority

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