Services we provide - Mutual Funds, Company Management, Trust Services, Registered Office Services

Languages we speak - English, French, Spanish, Filipino

Office opened in - 1988

Where we are - Road Town

TMF Group in The British Virgin Islands

The situation in the British Virgin Islands is still very fragile due to the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma. Our office there remains closed.

If you have an urgent request please complete our enquiry form or contact our Managing Director for the BVI, and / or our Sub-Regional Director for Central America & the Caribbean,

TMF Group in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has been a pioneer in the financial services industry and is regulated and licensed by the Financial Services Commission.

The BVI team consists of qualified, knowledgeable staff with years of international experience in the regulated fiduciary industry. We can provide legal, compliance, trust and estate planning, accounting, mutual fund, company formation and registered office services, company management and company administration support for complex structures or l family operations.

The BVI a leading regulated fiduciary centre, ranked high on the Global Financial Centres Index, is politically stable and has an established and respected legal system, based on English common law, which inspires confidence in financiers.These attributes have landed the BVI on the OECD’s “white list”, accepted internationally as confirmation of a country’s high level of tax transparency, regulatory and compliance standards. A Financial Times survey conducted in 2012, found that the BVI was the second largest source of international foreign direct investment globally, with upwards of US$125 billion invested through the BVI each year.

The BVI has zero-rated corporation tax, with no wealth, capital gains or estate tax for entities. Further the administrative burden and costs of incorporating or maintaining a company in the BVI are low. The legal and financial framework has made the BVI a popular jurisdiction to incorporate private and holding companies, as well as public companies prior to admission to international stock exchanges. 

In any economic climate, our staff can help you strengthen your business for growth, sustainability and success.

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