Why Mexico?

Mexico offers investors and businesses a land of opportunity that rivals any other emerging market, but doing business can be a time-absorbing task, which is why having local knowledge as part of the venture is crucial.

Once perceived as a land of violence and corruption, Mexico has transformed its reputation to become a land of opportunity. To make itself attractive to investors, the Mexican government has made improvements to its infrastructure and fostered competition in sectors such as transportation, energy and telecommunications.

One of the biggest changes for Mexico has been its trade policies. By opening its borders, Mexico has become a global manufacturing base, with strong links to consumer economies in North and South of America. What’s more, the price of labour has remained stable over the last decade while the cost of wages in Chinese factories has quintupled. As the Economist puts it, this has led to “Made in China” giving way to “Hecho en México”.

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Our core business of expertise

Since 2006 TMF Group has been established in Mexico. We now employ more than 100 professionals who provide accounting, tax compliance, corporate secretarial and HR and payroll services to local and multinational companies.

We can get you set up, provide a single point of contact and take care of those non-core elements that keep your business moving, while you can focus on what you do best: selling your products and services. By taking the burden of the back office and centralising it through a single provider, we work with you to increase efficiency and help strip out any unnecessary costs.

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