Trustee Services

Executive Directors

Federico Lutvinas – President of the Board 

Diego Castillo Molano – Vicepresident of the Board

Fredson Justo – Director

Javier Grau Saez – Director 

Sergio Baboza Beráun – Independent Director

Executive team

Geraldo Arosemena Hague – General Manager

Gissella Velásquez Palma – Legal Manager 

Julissa Annie Rojas Blas – Structuring & Operations Manager

Christian Vásquez Nassi – Accountant

Jessica Murga Martínez – Head of Internal Audit


In accordance with Circular No. G - 184 - 2015 – Customer Support Service, at TMF FiduPeru, the statistical information related to the claims raised by company users is made publicly available.

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Products and Services

  • Administration and Source of Payment Trust
  • Guarantee Trust
  • Family Trust
  • Real Estate Trust
  • Other trust structures

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